10 Expensive Luxury Cars That Just Aren’t Worth It

When people buy luxury cars, it’s fair to say that they buy them for the brand names. Luxury is synonymous with being rich. And there’s no better way to show your status than with a luxurious, ultra-expensive car. They have been status symbols for ages and will continue to be so for centuries to come. The attention that they get, the “I love to hate you” vibes that you receive from people, the high-end features and not to mention, the luxurious feel they provide, will timelessly keep motivating people to splurge on them.

But, at times, despite being the products of a luxury brand, sometimes a model falls far from the mark of excellence. Today we’re sharing with you 10 luxury cars that just are not worth it.


Tesla might be an ultra-modern, futuristic luxury brand, but this model from them doesn’t live up to expectations. As much excitement as it garnered before and during the launch, it turned out that it was sloppier in terms of design, features, and the drive system. Yes, their acceleration is great and the disposition is quiet, but that’s about it.

The doors are unnecessarily heavy, slow to open and are incompatible with most garage ceilings. The utility has been hugely compromised. The unfoldable second-row seat, almost no storage, low-quality interior, the needlessly complex rear doors, and the all-wheel-drive system sets Tesla up with a less than stellar automobile. We would advise you to stay away from this one.

2. MERCEDES BENZ GLA 2018/2019

It might be surprising for you to find a Mercedes Benz launch in this list, but this one from them is neither a great car to drive, nor be driven in. Though it is one of the most affordable luxury cars from Mercedes, it’s just not worth the money. It does not have enough space.

There is hardly any head or legroom, the ride isn’t smooth, cargo space has been hugely compromised, and the throttle is extremely torpid. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a mediocre sedan underneath all the brand tag and the seductive looks. Do yourself a favor and buy a sedan at half the price.


The mention of the brand is again incredibly startling since it’s such a gorgeous beast and from a top-rated luxury brand. The rear seats offer no leg room and storage is missing. The armrest center has a tiny storage capacity, but not enough. And the armrest storage is power operated which isn’t necessary or useful at all.

The trunk space is too tiny to carry travel bags and the convertible top uses up most of the cargo space. On top of everything, there is no windscreen if the back seats are occupied. Overall, this renders the design so sloppy and lame, we wonder what they were thinking while approving the final design drafts.


ATS is the smallest sedan launched by Cadillac. The reliability rating is extremely low and the performance just average. It offers a very stiff ride, the standard tires are disappointing, and the rear seats are cramped. The cargo space is hardly enough to travel solo, so forget about a family outing.

There’s no all-wheel drive and the infotainment controls are not user-friendly at all. Most of the cabin trims are poorly fitted and the manual transmission is disappointing. The mileage is also lackluster. This one is a huge no-no.


Unlike other crossovers, Acura RDX claims it’s sporty instead, but, largely fails in meeting those expectations. Its automatic transmission is very disappointing, the throttle is undeniably average, and it’s small turbocharged engine doesn’t deliver. The in-car storage space is tiny and the fuel tank is very small too.

The infotainment system is poorly designed and the interiors are of extremely poor quality. The doors and the pads creak and squeal, which is annoying. It has a low fuel economy rating at only 22 mpg in the city. The brake pedal feedback is also erratic, to say the least, along with the weird design and poor handling.


The design is pretty unattractive and the body too boxy and bulbous. How could they even launch it in the world of curves and sleek designs? So much for creativity! Despite being huge on the outside, the headroom inside is cramped and the read end is odd looking. The third-row seats are decent but again, not enough headroom and they’re hard to access.

This one offers average performance and poor safety. The safety belts are huge and uncomfortable. And the cherry on the cake is it is too thirsty, which makes it remarkably poor in fuel economy at just 22 mpg city.


A Maserati? Yes, unfortunately. Maserati Ghibli means an African desert wind and it looks like one too. The curves and the outer finish ooze oodles of Italian style. Though this one appears suave, it’s extremely inefficient and the features feel outdated at times. Most of the interior trims are copied from the Fiat/Chrysler product line (meaning lower grade).

The ride isn’t smooth at all and the interior is uncomfortable and cramped. The diesel engine is too noisy. The Uconnect infotainment system, power switches, steering columns, etc. are sourced from cheap counterparts. Getting additional interior extras is extremely expensive and still futile toward making this what it should be.


Another Lincoln makes it to the list. This luxury vehicle brand by Ford Motors has been competing with Cadillac closely since it’s inception. It looks like a magnificent beast, but only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Its automatic transmission is largely half baked, patchy, and disruptive.

This doesn’t ride smoothly at all and doesn’t feel sporty on twisty two-lanes, either. The interior is not satisfactory and most of the environs are shared with Ford and very little tech in the cabin. Nothing extraordinary here. The trunk is large and the cargo bin is huge, but that’s two goods in ninety-nine evils.


Aston Martin’s re-entry in the list is not because of just one glitch. There are some very serious issues with Rapide S. The multimedia interface is outdated, the ride is really rough and patchy, the engine too noisy and the handling is pretty average. The interior doesn’t look like it has been designed for adults.

Despite being more than five meters long, the legroom is scant and the headroom is claustrophobic. People sitting on the rear seats have to sit with their knees pressed into the backs of the front seats. Elbow and shoulder room are also cramped. While the interior is a nightmare, the automatic transmission is not decent either.

10. BMW I3

Not many people know that BMW also makes electric cars. The i3 model is simply a weird looking car. It has a very modest and minimalistic iDrive 6 infotainment interface. It also has a very low safety rating and average performance, and the mileage isn’t all that great. It charges super slow in comparison to other electric cars and the navigation on roads is not good.

The rear doors are too small to access the back seats and the styling is plain weird. Overall, too expensive for super cramped interior, no-touch functionality or smart interface, and disproportionate design. Unless you’ve got to have a BMW, a less expensive non-luxury brand would better suit your wallet.

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