Bernie Kosar Net Worth
Bernie Kosar Net Worth

Bernie Kosar Net Worth

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Bernie Kosar Net Worth
Bernie Kosar Net Worth

Bernie Kosar is a former football player. And Bernie Kosar net worth of $100,000. He was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1963. He started his football career by playing for the University of Miami when he was majoring economy there.

In 1985, he began to play professionally for the Cleveland Browns until 1993. After that he signed a $1 million one-year contract with Dallas Cowboys to fill in for the team’s injured player, Troy Aikman. When Aikman came back to the team, Kosar moved to Miami Dolphins to backup Dan Marino. He player for the Dolphins for three years from 1994 to 1996 and finished his career there.

Kosar is an exceptional player and he made many records during his 12-season career. He won Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994 when he played with the cowboys. Furthermore, Kosar once held a record for the most consecutive completed passes without an interception up to 2010.

The Source of Bernie Kosar Net Worth

His great performance as an athlete is the main source of his fortune. Even when he retired, Bernie Kosar still actively participates in the world of American football. In 2007, Kosar became a minor share holder of the Arena Football League’s Las Vegas Gladiators. Later that year, Kosar was appointed as the president of the team and the Gladiators moved to Cleveland. In 2009, Kosar came back to his first ever professional team, Cleveland Browns to become the team’s consultant.

Kosar also ventured to property business. Unfortunately, he didn’t have many luck in this area as he was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2009. Due to the economy recession at that time, Kosar lost many of his properties in Florida and Ohio. Thankfully, up to this day he still owns the Northeast Ohio farm that he purchased when he was still playing as the quarterback in Cleveland Browns.

Quick Biography From Bernie Kosar
NameBernie Kosar
Date of BirthNovember 25th 1963
ProfessionFormer Football Player
Net Worth$100.000

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