Catherine Bell Net Worth
Catherine Bell Net Worth

Catherine Bell Net Worth

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Catherine Bell Net Worth
Catherine Bell Net Worth

Catherine Bell Net Worth reached more or less $35 millions in 2017. She is an Iranian-American actress and producer born in British, August 14, 1968. She gained fame in 1997 when she took a role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah McKenzie in JAG television series. This series was survived into some seasons before it was ended in 2013. Meanwhile, other popular series in which she was involved are Army Wives and The Good Witch.

Aside from those popular series, Bell has been starring numerous television series and films. Based on those facts, it is not exaggerated if she was enlisted as one of the richest celebrity.

Despite her great career, Bell married the actor and producer assistant Adam Beason with two children. However, the couple was split in October 2011 and she lived in Los Angeles California with her children. She enjoys some kinds of sports like snowboarding, skiing, cross stitching and kickboxing.

The Sources of Catherine Bell Net Worth

The fame he found from being Lieutenant Colonel Sarah McKenzie has changed her career a lot. Many offers for other roles were coming in 90s. In 2008, she produced and took a role as Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale in a film Hallmark’s The Good Witch. This film was successful so that the sequels are produced following the first series.

Bell is not only an actress and producer; she was also the Grand Marshal of the NASCAR Cup Series race conducted at the Dover International Speedway.

Don’t you know? There’s an interesting fact about her. Bell originally wanted to be a physician and studied biology at UCLA. But for some reasons she ended her dream to be an actress. Bell studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse while also worked as a massage therapist.  Her massage customers included singer Peter Gabriel.

She is still active until total although she may prefer being the producer. Her newest role as an actress will be the movie Love Finds Its Way as it was reported in 2015 with the production began on March, 2017 and the premiere was on July, 2017.

Quick Biography from Catherine Bell

NameCatherine Lisa Bell
Date of BirthAugust 14, 1968
ProfessionActress and Producer
Networth$35 Million


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