Christian Von Koenigsegg net worth
Christian Von Koenigsegg Net Worth

Christian Von Koenigsegg net worth

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Christian Von Koenigsegg net worth
Christian Von Koenigsegg Net Worth

Christian Von Koenigsegg net worth reaches more $100 million.

He is the founder and CEO of Swedish automobile Koenigsegg. He was born onĀ July 2, 197. And he was attracted in the world of automobile particularly car since his childhood.

There is a story where he watched a stop-motion film entitled Flaklypa Grand Prix and II Tempo Gigante. He was only 5 or 6 years old at that time. Later, the experience leads him to be the owner of his own automobile company.

His side job as the cleaning service of Suzuki dealership made him know this field more. Moreover, he liked tuning moped. In his earlier professional career in the world of automobile, he showed his own novel idea in the form of triplex suspension.

It is effective to connect two reat wheels just like the single suspension system. His first factory developed this idea for many reasons including the high precision and unlimited timing control.

In 2003, fire has burnt the factory remaining most of the equipments and cars. He moved the factory location and developed some other innovations. The newest prestigious cars of Koenigsegg are under the series of Koenigsegg Regera in 2015.

It is a high performance and luxurious hypercar. For his business, it is reasonable if Koenigsegg is able to make net worth for more than US$ 100 million in 2017.

The Source of Christian Von Koenigsegg Net Worth

Having net worth for such amount is not something weird for Koenigsegg. His company is widely known in the world. He also has numerous loyal customers who adore his high-end cars. His business is also already established when he is still young.

There are still many chances in the future to make Koenigsegg equal to other big names in the world of automotive industry.

Quick Biography fromĀ Christian Von Koenigsegg
NameChristian Von Koenigsegg
Date of BirthJuly 2, 1972
ProfessionFounder and CEO of Koenigsegg Automotive
Net Worth$100 million

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