DJ Akademiks net worth
DJ Akademiks Net Worth

DJ Akademiks Net Worth

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DJ Akademiks net worth
DJ Akademiks Net Worth

DJ Akademiks net worth reaches $460,000.

Livingston Allen better known as DJ Akademiks was born on May 17, 1991 in Spanish Town Jamaica. He is an American-Jamaican DJ and musician who cover numerous hip hop songs and other entretainment items.

His music is then broadcasted via radio and social media. Another factor of him gaining popularity is due to the audio commentaries that are published in the form of GIFs. The GIF of DJ Akademiks widely used by the users of social media.

After spending around 10 years of his early life in Jamaica, he moved to USA in 2001. He found many troubles while adapting the urban culture of New York. Fortunately, he was able to graduate from high school and continue his study in Rutgers University.

Although he achieved bachelor degree in Biomathematic, it won’t stop his passion in music production. He became DJ while continuing his study for Master degree in Math Finance.

DJ Akademiks’ music career was started during his study in Rutgers. He created his own website named Late Night Creep in which he covered hip hop music. He then made his YouTube channel that contains satirical videos.

The popularity of his YouTube channel was started in 2014 when he gained numerous subscribers. In the end of 2017, it was reported that DJ Akademiks earned net worth for about $460,000.

The Source of DJ Akademiks Net Worth

DJ Akademiks is very active in the social media since three years ago. His followers and subscribers are the main factors how he gain so much money. His posts have many likes and his videos on YouTube have been seen by over 700 million people. Even if he is really wealthy now, it seems that DJ Akademiks still loves to live simply.

Quick Biography from DJ Akademiks
NameLivingston Allen/DJ Akademiks
Date of BirthMay 17 1991
ProfessionDJ, Musician, Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Net Worth$460,000

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