H3h3 Net Worth
H3h3 Net Worth

H3h3 Net Worth

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H3h3 Net Worth
Ethan and Hila Klein

H3h3 net worth is around $800,000.

H3h3 Productions or often shortened to H3h3 is an American comedy produced by Ethan and Hila Klein. Kleins are husband and wife and the comedy is popular via YouTube channel.

Initially, the production was accompanied by a friend named Sean Balogh. Then, Balogh was decided to quit so that there are only two people in the videos currently.

The channel was created in 2011 and the content published is various including the controversial topics. The couple makes reaction videos and often interview celebrities and other YouTubers. It gains popularity and good reputation for the bravery to critize certain current trends and personalities.

H3he won Hot 97 contest on July. Then, Ethan Klein met DJ Khaled to show him videos namely The DJ Khaled Documentary. The meeting was another factor the channel becomes more famous later.

Another channel made is H3 Podcast. In this new channel, the couple has more chances to meet other famous people as the featured guests. They are including Philip De Franco, Jack Douglass, Jesse Wellens, Jake Paul and more. In 2017, H3he’s net worth was about $800,000.

The Source of H3he Net Worth

Several platforms in the internet indeed give more chance for people to gain money. This is what has been utilized by Ethan and Hila Klein. Their YouTube channels are subscribed by million people. More than that, each of the videos has gained million viewers as well.

it is due to their creativity along with their willingness to raise issue in which others may not dare. Besides, they are also able to invite guests from the realms of celebrities. However, their works are not without any troubles. They have allegations against The Wall Street Journal as one of the authors complaining about YouTube celebrities.

Quick Biography from H3h3
YouTube Channelh3h3Productions
ProducerEthan and Hila Klein
Date of BirthEthan - June 24, 1985 and Hila Klein - December 13, 1987
ProfessionYouTube and Social Media Personalities
NationalityEthan - American and Hila Klein - Israeli
Net worth$800,000

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