Heimo Korth Net Worth
Heimo Korth Net Worth

Heimo Korth Net Worth

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Heimo Korth Net Worth
Heimo Korth Net Worth

Heimo Korth is a controversial outdoorsman who is famous for being the person who dares to live in Alaska’s arctic wilderness. Due to the extreme weather condition in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, living there is very challenging.

The more surprising thing is, Korth live in that area with his wife, Edna, as well as his kids.

The national wildlife refuge is their permanent living area. But they need to move among several cabins to find foods based on hunting or fishing season.

Heimo Korth’s life is very extreme that he had suffered a tragedy once in his life. His daughter passed away when she was two because of an accident in the river. But this tragedy doesn’t stop him from continuing his extreme life style.

Even though he lives in the wilderness, it is reported that Korth has a pretty impressive net worth of $150,000 in 2017.

The Source of Heimo Korth Net Worth

Heimo Korth and his family lives a humble life since there are nothing much. He can do to make money in the wilderness. But he still makes a lot of money thanks to his unique lifestyle that has been attracting various documentary producers to film his daily life.

This is why he managed to have a pretty high net worth despite his humble lifestyle and work.

His first documentary appearance was back in 1992 in a documentary called Braving Alaska. After that, he made various documentary appearances in Flying Wild Alaska and Surviving Alone in Alaska.

In 2004, James Campbell even wrote a book about him and his family titled The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness. The newest documentary that features him and his family was Discovery Channel’s The Last Alaskans that premiered in 2015.

Heimo Korth might be a rich celebrity now. But he is committed to stay true with his current lifestyle and provide for his family with what he can get in the nature.

Quick Biography from Heimo Korth
NameHeimo Korth
Date of Birth1955
ProfessionOutdoorsman, TV Personality
Net Worth$150,000

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