Jay Alvarez Net Worth and Income
Jay Alvarez Net Worth and Income

Jay Alvarez Net Worth and Income 2018

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Jay Alvarez Net Worth and Income
Jay Alvarez Net Worth and Income

Born in Oahu, Hawaii on 1995 Jay Alvarez may be one of familiar faces if you are on Instagram. He is a social media star, model, and also a popular music producer. With the net worth about USD 1.5 million, this guy is an internet personality with huge popularity. Alvarez also produces vines and videos that make his fans love him even more.

Jay Alvarez was in a relationship with Alexis Ren but in August 2016 the couple broke up. It can be said that it was the most important relationship for him since he presented it to public after all.

He quit school when he was 14 and it seems like he did not go to school again after that. After his mom died from cancer when Alvarez was 16 years old, he found out that his mom wrote a letter to him. This guy has through a lot and until today, he reached the goals he made on his own. The famous life he owns now is not coming from the super-rich parents.

Jay Alvarez net worth sources

Jay Alvarez has been already a good musician and famous model. But he got massive recognition from his vines and videos before that. He also used to be a photographer, which started to make his name at that time. That way, Alvarez became very popular until today.

Jay Alvarez loves adventures and sports and traveling. He documents all his activities on his social network and put it on YouTube, Vine, and Instagram where he made money. The popularity gains up after he joined Instagram.As a model, Alvarez is currently a model for Armani and Ralph Lauren’s campaigns. As an actor, he starred a movie along with a famous star Gregg Sulkin.

Quick Biography of Jay Alvarez
NameJay Alvarez
Date of BirthJul 5th, 1995
ProfessionFormer photographer, music producer, model, and social media celebrity
Net Worth1.5 million

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