Ken Nugent Net Worth
Ken Nugent Net Worth

Ken Nugent Net Worth

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Ken Nugent Net Worth
Ken Nugent Net Worth

Ken Nugent net worth, which goes approximately $500,000

Annually, makes him one of the most successful personal injury lawyers in the United States. Having been working as a lawyer since 1980, he has established a law firm not only in Atlanta, Georgia, but also 7 other law firms in nearby locations.

He also involves himself in some philanthropic activities, including funding aids that he extends to Georgia teachers and local fire station.

Ken Nugent was born in Georgia, where he would spend most of his life serving in his law firm. When he attended middle school, he didn’t actually perform well in the class.

This had become a concern for both his parents and teachers. After some sessions of parent-student-teacher discussions, it was revealed that Ken didn’t actually enjoy ordinary class learning not because he were not intelligent and capable enough to get along with his mates and class subjects, but because he was simply too uninterested to learn something that he considered too trivial.

The teacher then allowed him to pick any subjects he wanted, a decision which ultimately revealed his bright side. During his teens, he was very fond of basketball that his biggest dream was actually to become a basketball player.

The Source of Ken Nugent Net Worth

People say that an attorney earns money by extorting their clients, so when the latter get $100,000, for instance, one-third of that amount will go to the attorney. This is how attorneys like Kent Nugent earn money, right? Well, that might be right, but it is inaccurate to say that his earning is a kind of extortion money.

Without attorney, clients can barely earn $10,000, let alone bigger than that. So, what lawyers like Ken Nugent do is a kind of valuable and useful aid. Ken Nugent has provided this kind of aid, which is good and financially sensible for both him and his clients, since the first time he opened his law firm in Georgia.

Quick Biography from Ken Nugent
NameKen Nugent
Date of BirthApril 26, 1959
ProfessionPersonal Injury Attorney
NationalityUnited States
Net Worth$500,000

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