Killer Mike Net Worth
Killer Mike Net Worth

Killer Mike Net Worth

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Killer Mike Net Worth
Killer Mike Net Worth

Killer Mike is popular as a rapper. And he has released five solo albums and several mixtapes. Besides, He is an actor too. You might recognized him for appearing in the films “Idlewild” (2006), “ATL” (2006), “Frisky Dingo” (2006-2008), etc. Based on some sources, Killer Mike net worth is around $5 million.

Killer Mike released his debut album entitled “Monster”. He ever collaborated with Outkast. For the single “The Whole World” which was from Outkast’s first compilation album, They recelived a Grammy Award in the category Best Rap Performance By a Duo or Group.

Mike’s second full length album,“I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind” failed to chart. But it didn’t make him stop. Mike went on. Later, “his Ghetto Extraordinary” in the third album made him more successful. His name became more popular. Then he released the other two solo albums “PL3DGE” (2011), and “R.A.P Music” (2012).

The source of Killer Mike Net Worth

Killer Mike’s income mostly came from his career in music industry. Even though he had ever failed with his album, he still continued and reached the top of his career. His love to this genre of music had brought him fame and net worth. For now, he had made a duo with another rapper, El-P (Jaime Meline). Both popular rapper made a duo called “Run Jewels. So far, they have created 3 albums with the same name, Run the jewel 1 to 3.

As you know, he also did well as an actor. He had taken roles in some movies. This also had increased an amount of bucks in his bank account. His career in entertainment industry as a rapper or an actor made him very popular and rich. But don’t you know that he also built another business? Killer Mike today is also an owner of a barbershop in Atlanta. It was named “Graffitis SWAG Barbershop”.

Quick Biography from Killer Mike
NameMichael Render
Date of BirthApril 20, 1975
ProfessionRapper, actor
NationalityUnited States
Net Worth$ 5 millions

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