Larry Nichols Net Worth
Larry Nichols Net Worth

Larry Nichols Net Worth

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Larry Nichols Net Worth
Larry Nichols Net Worth

Born in July 6th 1942, he is a person who has become the chairman of a corporation, Devon Energy. Yup, this corporation is in Oklahoma City. Here, this corporation was founded by his father. But, It doesn’t mean that this corporation is only established by his father, yet Larry Nichols became the co-founder. Larry Nichols has became the CEO from 1980 until 2010 and the President of corporation from 1976 – 2003.  So far, Larry Nichols Net Worth might have reached $ 1 Billion dollars or even more

For little information, Devon Energy is a corporation which provides oil and gas. Davon Energy could produce more than 250.000 barrels a day – for oil. Besides, this corporation also produces around 1.3 billion cubic feet – for gas. And it also produced 100.000 barrels of natural gas liquids a. Here, this corporation operates onshore in Canada and United States. day. There are 500 branch companies which spread in those two countries.

However, this corporation is not the place where Larry Nichols obtain money. If you haven’t known about this, Larry Nichols also becomes the director at Sonic Corporation and Baker Hughes Inc. the university where Larry Nichols studied, was at the University of Michigan. Before it, he used to study at Princeton as well. Nowadays, this year is a busy year for Larry Nichols. Why? Because Larry Nichols is said has some objectives which can’t be told in public.

The Source of Larry Nichols Net Worth

According to the various sources, the growth of his net worth increased higher than before – especially in 2017. The total net worth that Larry Nichols has, is from his properties and stocks. Besides, there are also luxury goods which this billionaire has. Such as yachts, private jets, luxury vehicles, etc. For the specific amount, the net worth of Larry Nichols is expected as much as $1 billion.

Quick Biography from Larry Nichols

NameLarry Nichols
Date of BirthJuly 6th , 1942
ProfessionCEO, Businessman
Nationality American
Net Worth$ 1 Billion

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