this article expalin about Lee Van Cleef Net Worth
Lee Van Cleef Net Worth

Lee Van Cleef Net Worth

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this article expalin about Lee Van Cleef Net Worth
Lee Van Cleef Net Worth

Lee Van Cleef net worth is estimated about $2 million. And lee Van Cleef is American writer and actor. And he passed away in 6 December, 1989 because of heart attack. He mostly comes in Western and action films. He best identified with his rare physical characteristic, heterochromatic eyes, the eyes condition that makes the eyes color has different colors. Lee Van Cleef has one green and one blue eye color. He has respect for his act in film with the “Best of Bad” in his gravestone when he died in 1989. He is the popular and legend for western movies ever. The Primus Band even have song about Lee Van Cleef in Green Naugahyde.

The Source of Lee Van Cleef Net Worth

As actor, he has more than 170 acting that credit to him. Lee Van Cleef is actor that known for his mirror villain characters in Spaghetti Westerns, such as The Good The Bad and the Ugly. With his face, the hatchet face with pierced eyes, his hook nose, he start debut in film, High Noon. He gets his box office film when get join part in film For a Few dollars more, that blow up especially in Europe.

Aside of fiction movie, he also play on noir films such as Kansas City Confidential, the big combo, and the Vice Squad. The Lee Van Cleef also performs 6 times in 1955 for children syndicate western series in The Adventures of Kit carson. He also plays for ABC sitcom The Real Mccoys that match with Walter Brennan. He also appeared for ABC / warner Brothers western series, The Alaskans. In 1969, he makes great change when he plays with Clint east wood as protagonist in Few More Dollar More. When he suffered with heart disease, he still continues to work in films industry until he died.

Quick Biography from Lee Van Cleef

NameLee Van Cleef
Date of BirthSomerville, New Jersey January 1925
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$2 million

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