Lisa Nichols net worth
Lisa Nichols net worth

Lisa Nichols Net Worth

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Lisa Nichols net worth
Lisa Nichols Net Worth

Lisa Nichols net worth reaches $5 million. Some people have abundance of money because they are born rich. Some others earn huge amount of fortune because of their high-profile job. Lisa Nichols, the famous inspirational book author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She was not lucky enough to experience those good and enjoyable lives. But even though, she was not born with a silver spoon. She managed to turn her life around and gain an impressive net worth.

Nichols comes from a humble family and she lived an ordinary life. When she was 27 years old, she really struggled financially that she only had no more than $12 in her bank account. And the fact that she was a single mother really made everything hard for her.

But her condition didn’t stop her from helping people. Through her company, Motivating the Masses. She reached hundreds of troubled teenagers, helped them to get back on track, while on the same time build her company into an empire.

The Source of Lisa Nichols Net Worth

It is interesting to learn how Lisa Nichols changed the $12 in her bank account into a whooping net worth of $5 million. It is her hard work and compassion that helped her company to prosper and grew into a million dollar company.

Besides the revenue of her company, the motivational and inspirational books she wrote also has contributed to her growing net worth. She has written several best-selling books such as No Matter What! : 9 Steps to Live the Life you Love, Living Proof, Unbreakable Spirits and Abundance Now. She is also a co-writer for two Chicken Soup for the Souls books.

Her life and success story has set her as one of America’s most sought after motivational speakers. Her participation as one of The Secret’s guru also clearly contributed to her popularity in this area. Lisa Nichols are also often invited to various popular television programs such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.

Quick Biography from Lisa Nichols
NameLisa Nichols
Date of Birth1970
ProfessionAuthor, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
Net Worth$5 million

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