Marc Merrill Net Worth
Marc Merrill Net Worth

Marc Merrill Net Worth

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Marc Merrill Net Worth
Marc Merrill Net Worth

Born in California on the 17th of August, Marc Merrill has always been incredibly passionate about video games. From young age, Merrill has shown his intelligence and capabilities that everyone believed he would be successful in the future.

They were right, to say the least. Merrill graduated from the University of Southern California and started a career in U.S. Bank shortly after his graduation.

In the U.S. Bank, Merrill was one of the brightest analysts. Despite his successful career in the financial institution, Merrill decided to pursue his gaming passion. Along with one of his friends from college, Marc Merrill founded Riot Games in 2016.

Now at the age of 37-years old, Merrill becomes one of the youngest, and most successful businessmen. Read on to learn his net worth.

The source of Marc Merrill Net Worth

He and Brandon Beck, former colleague turned business associates, are a match-made in heaven in every sense of the word. The combination of his wonderful marketing expertise and Beck’s innovative gaming ideas is truly incredible.

Together, they came up with their very first video game titled League of Legends. It quickly became the most played online game in the gaming history.

This freemium game launched in October 2009 and to this day, has racked up more than 32-million players. The number itself only portrays the number of players on a monthly basis.

In total, there are more than 70-million registered gamers from all across the globe. Following the success of their first video game, Riot Games released games and mini games.

From Mech vs Minions, to Astro Teemo. The success of their games earned them an incredibly favorable spot in ‘Top 25 Technology Companies’. With such phenomenal success, Marc bought a 13.085-milion dollars beach-front mansion in Malibu.

He also reportedly to have a net worth of a whopping 2.3-billion US dollars in 2017.

Quick Biography from Marc Merrill
NameMarc Merrill
Date of BirthAugust 17th,1980
ProfessionCEO, and chief marketing officer
Net Worth$2.3 Billion

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