MF Doom Net Worth
MF Doom Net Worth

MF Doom Net Worth

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MF Doom Net Worth
MF Doom Net Worth

MF Doom is a stage alias of an underground hip hop music artist, Daniel Dumile. Despite not being in the mainstream industry, Dumile successfully made a name for himself with his eccentric personality.

Prior to settling down with the name MF Doom, Dumile reportedly has adopted quite a few stage names in the past. Jj Doom, Danger Doom, and Mad Villain to name a few.

Born in London, England to a Zimbabwean father and Trinidadian mother, young Dumile did not live in the UK for long. Shortly the family decided to move to Long Island New York where he was raised.

His career started with a rap trio he founded along with MC Rodan, and his own brother, DJ Subroc. The rap trio released Mr. Hood under Elektra Records and became a minor sensation.

The source of MF Doom Net Worth

Unfortunately the trio’s success did not last long, Dumile’s brother became a murder victim not long prior to the release of their second album. Following DJ Subroc’s death, Dumile exiled himself for 4-years and became angry at the world. Ironically, this anger became his signature. Nearly homeless, the talented rapper returned to the industry.

He started by freestyling at a large number of events. Dumile took his inspiration from a comic character named Doctor Doom and adopted mask as his signature look.

Operation Doom, his first self-produced album, released following his hiatus. This album propelled his name back to the limelight. His success was not only commercially, but also in Billboard charts.

Dumile’s incredibly witty lyrics and great music made him famous and increased sales. However there is no accurate information on his current net worth. To make an estimate as accurately as possible, we pull data from his album sales and find that he has a net worth of at least 1-million US dollars.

Quick Biography from Daniel Dumile (MF Doom)
NameDaniel Dumile
Date of BirthJanuary 9th, 1971
ProfessionHip hop artist.
Net Worth$1 Million

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