Rooster Mcconaughey Net Worth
Rooster Mcconaughey Net Worth

Rooster Mcconaughey Net Worth

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Rooster Mcconaughey Net Worth
Rooster Mcconaughey Net Worth

Rooster Mcconaughey net worth is around $60 million. 

He is a star of TV reality entitled West Texas Investor Club and An American businessman. He was born on August 2, 1954 in Houston, USA. His much younger brother is Matthew Mcconaughey, a famous American actor who win some awards including Oscar for the Best Actor in the Leading Role.

The real name of Rooster is actually Michael Mcconaughey. He got his nickname because he made a lot of troubles when he was child. Then, his strict father decided to lock him up in the chicken house as the punishment.

Before he was well-known for a television personality, he passed through some difficult situations and did some jobs. He studied in Stephen F. Austin University for being a wild life conservationist and Sociology in the University of Texas.

Unfortunately, his studies were never finished. His business was started since 30 as he earned his first million in oil transaction. He entered the entertainment world in 2015 for West Texas Investor club.

In 2017, his overall net worth is around $60 million. This number also claims him as one of the most successful selfmade millionaire in USA.

For his personal life, he married twice. His first wife was Marsha Smyth. He got a son named Madison. Madison now helped him in developing his business as the right hand. Meanwhile, his second wife is Georgeanne Mccounaghey. With Georgeanne, he has two children Miller Lyte and Margarita.

The Source of Rooster Mcconaughey Net Worth

Mcconaughey gains his income from various sources. But among all, the biggest one is from his oil business. He developed DGM supply that involves construction wholesale and equipment for oil fields, pipes, and other wares located in Midland, Texas.

Other projects he involves in are technologies, real estates, agricultures, and entertainment including “West Texas LTD”.

Quick Biography from Rooster Mcconaughey
Name Michael Mcconaughey/Rooster Mcconaughey
Date of BirthAugust 2, 1954
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Television Personality
Net Worth$60 million

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