Ted Vernon Net Worth
Ted Vernon Net Worth

Ted Vernon Net Worth

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Ted was born around the 1950s. He is the son of a property and real estate businessman. He owns a dealership that often gets contracts from Hollywood to provide a variety of classic vehicles for many movies. Currently, Ted Vernon Net Worth is about $ 15 million. He has revenues of more than $ 1 million per year coming from dealerships and some of his roles in films and TV shows.

Ted collection buyers come from many backgrounds; most from automotive enthusiasts (from celebrities to rich people around the world). Some of Ted’s dealership’s collections are the most expensive classic vehicles in the world. Ted will buy a classic car or motorcycle, both mint and rusted, for resale. This business can indeed provide huge profits because the price of classic vehicles does not refer to market prices but on historical value and interest. Many of Ted’s customers bought his classic vehicle collection at a very expensive price. Ted is not only the owner of the Dealership and actor, but also a writer.

The source of Ted Vernon Net Worth

In 1977, Ted started his classic automobile dealership. His dealership is devoted to classic vehicles. Bikes, cars, trucks, you name it. This dealership not only sells, but it is also a custom and restoration garage for classic car lovers. The dealership gives him a large amount of income per year. The collection of vehicles he sells is worth a million of dollars.

Ted gets much earning from dealership. Moreover, Ted’s biggest income also comes from TV shows and movies. The people know him as an actor and owner of a production house. He starred in several TV shows and was involved in making a number of films. Ted produces mostly low budget projects that are mostly horror-themed. His production house is located in Florida, USA.

Quick Biography from Ted Vernon

NameTed Vernon
Date of Birth-
ProfessionActor, entrepreneur, writer, film producer
Net Worth$ 15 Millions with annual earning around $1 Million

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