Tim Smith Moonshine Net Worth
Tim Smith Moonshine Net Worth

Tim Smith Moonshine Net Worth

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 Tim Smith Moonshine Net Worth
Tim Smith Moonshine Net Worth

Tim Smith is definitely a familiar name for the fans of the popular Discovery TV Show, “Moonshiners”. He lives in Climax, Virginia as a humble third generation moonshiner.

And just like any moonshine makers in the area. Tim learned everything, he needs to know about distillery and great moonshine recipes from his father and grandfather.

Now, besides continuing his career as a distiller and the head of Climax’s fire department. Tim also enjoys a great life and fortune with around $300,000 of net worth from being a famous TV personality.

The Source of Tim Smith Moonshine Net Worth

At first, Tim leads a humble life producing moonshine in his hometown. But his fate changed after he started starring in Discovery Channel’s reality TV show, “Moonshiners”.

“Moonshiners” shows the real daily life of several Moonshine makers around the Appalachian Mountains.

The first season started in 2011 and due to constantly high ratings, it has successfully reached the sixth seasons in 2017.

This show gains plenty of viewers due to its controversial nature. Even though the show just wants to depict the history and culture of the moonshiners in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, moonshining is still an illegal act.

Tim is one of the most popular members of “Moonshiners” and the show has given him plenty of great opportunities.

In 2013, Tim went against all odds and started a legal distillery business. Due to the legal status of the product, unfortunately Tim couldn’t build his distillery in his hometown.

Instead, he opened his distillery in Kentucky and now, his brand, Moonshine Climax has been distributed around Georgia, DC, Tennessee, Maryland and West Virginia.

Thanks to the TV show, Tim now has a net worth of $300 thousands. The show also has opened a way for him to start a legal distillery business which definitely will bring him even more profit.

Quick Biography from Tim Smith
NameTim Smith "Moonshine "
Date of Birth1967
ProfessionTV personality, moonshiner, distillery owner.
Net Worth$300 Thousands

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