20 Genius DIY Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know About

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Perhaps you went to the favorite concert of yours and parked at the nice venue. You enjoyed the music and the show, only to come out and find your car dented. You can’t tell whether it was due to the drunk group of people that you had seen, or whether you got it from after the car wash that you had earlier in the day. All you know is that you have a dent and are certainly not pleased about it, especially if it wasn’t on your beater. Worry not, for it can possibly be fixed without incurring another dent in your wallet. Spray the area with some liquid, and grab the plunger from your house. Push the plunger, and suction the dent out. Not all the dents will come out, especially the more contorted ones, but it’s worth a try.


Some doctors say sitting is the new smoking, and some technology experts say cell-phone usage is the new smoking. I think the latter one is more of an issue, as people can’t seem to break the cycle of social media. It’s one website after another, one post after another, one picture after another, and so on. I think some things are necessary on smartphones, so one needs to have access to it. But what do you do when you have a car that was built during the time when angry birds meant just that—a couple of angry birds—and not the game Angry Birds? You buy your phone’s dock and place the dock on the ashtray. Get a USB-supporting connector that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter, and boom—you have a docking station for your phone.

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