20 Genius DIY Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know About

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This one is pretty tricky and seems like it’s not a hack as much as a hazard. True. The idea is to use the razor blade to clean the windshield for items that the wipers can’t handle. I think this applies to rural places, where gas stations and stores are several miles away. At that point, it would be a good idea to have this. You can easily remove the bird poop from the windshield that’s been sitting there and solidifying. Now, you might say, “How does one incident of bird poop affect my driving?” It probably doesn’t. I’m talking about areas that are remote and inaccessible where these things might be very common. Plus, the razor can be used to remove any residual stickers everywhere.


While this is feasible, I’m not sure how viable it is for you to drive the car after you do this. The idea is simple. Re-route the windshield washer lines into the interior. Disconnect the line that goes to the wiper, plug in a new tube through the firewall, and bring the pipe to the cabin. You can do more extravagant things with the pipe in the cabin in terms of position and placement, but now, you can squirt whatever you put in the clean washer-fluid container. You want to clean the washer-fluid container several, several times with soap and then even more several times with water, though, just to get rid of detergent from the container. The idea sounds cool, but let’s face it—you’ll get tired of the novelty soon because the beverage will be hot, too, as it’s next to an engine.

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