Alan Greenspan Net Worth
Alan Greenspan Net Worth

Alan Greenspan Net Worth

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Alan Greenspan Net Worth
Alan Greenspan Net Worth

Do you know who Alan Greenspan is? as the American Economist, he is very popular for his financial and economic advice and consultancy. He is also known best as a Chairman of the Federal Reserve of US.  Alan was in the position  from 1987 to 2006. He is very influential person. For his accurate advice in consultancy,  he could reach the position as chairman of Federal Reserve. Along his career, Alan Greenspan net worth had reached 20 million dollars.

Alan was born year 1926 in Washington. The blood of finance might be from his father. Because his fathet  Herbert, used to work as a stockbroker and market analyst in New York. Alan got B.A. and M.A. degree in Economics. In 1977, he earned Ph.D in Economics from NY University. Then he worked as chairman Bord of Federal Reserve in 1987.

Alan has a very nice career. He is a really inspiring Economist. Earlier of his career, Alan Greenspan used to be a Managing Director of Eugene banks. At that time he still studied at New York University.  As an adviser, Alan has also worked as corporate director in many famous companies. His effort made his name big. As in 1987 he was a nomineer for a Chairman of Federal Reserve. And he won it. Along his career as a chairman, he had refined the system and the policies. He did a very well job for US.

The Source of Alan Greenspan Net Worth

Alan Greenspan has collected $20 million US dollars during his professional career. Alan also became successful businessman and entrepreneur. He even has written one book, that described about his life and experiences. For his excellent job and loyalty to the public. Alan deserved an honor of ‘Greatest Public Service Award’.

Alan should an example for many young economist. His effort, intelligence, professionalism made him a respectful person.Even though he is not a celebrity, He is quite popular in Economy world.

Quick Biography from Alan Greenspan
NameAlan Greenspan
Date of BirthMarch 6, 1926
ProfessionAmerican Economist,
Net Worth$20 million


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