Angel Brinks Net Worth in 2017
Angel Brinks Net Worth

Angel Brinks Net Worth

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Angel Brinks Net Worth in 2017
Angel Brinks Net Worth

Angel Brinks is a beautiful celebrity. She is also popular as an entrepreneur with glitzy leggings, which hunted by many fashion holics. With his great career on business and entertainment, you can imagine how much wealth she has. Angel Brinks Net Worth reached more $ 500,000.

She established her own business called Angel Brinks Fashion and become its CEO. Due to its iconic legging product, people call her as The Queen of Leggings. She was even more popular after her appearance in season 4 and 5 on the famous American reality show,  “Basketball Wives LA”.

The Source of Angel brinks Net Worth

In 2010, Angel Brinks began her career in fashion industry officially. She started her career in fashion by designing glitzy leggings. As you know, it becomes the special product offered by her fashion business. Her iconic leggings are pretty special. They are made from the combination of sequins and velvet. These create pieces with fascinating look.

Clothing line she owned grows rapidly not only by her glitzy leggings but also with tops, matching sets, and other type of suits offered. The great success of her clothing line makes it as one of famous fashion brand in the world.

a lot of people love her fashion products. Some celebrities also ask Angel Brinks to design the best suits for them. For instance, Trina, a famous American rapper was known to be the first celebrity who wears Brinks‘s design. After that, Trina became her loyal client and. You can spot her using the clothes designed by her. Due to Trina choice in becoming her regular client, this automatically helped to increase Brinks’s fashion brand both in Hollywood and LA star circles.

Not only success as an entrepreneur, Angel Brinks that started to be known as celebrity due to its joint as the cast member in one of high-rating American reality TV shows namely “Basketball Wives LA”.

Quick Biography from Angel Brinks

NameAngel Brinks
Date of BirthOctober 19th, 1982
ProfessionEntrepreneur and celebrity
Net Worth$ 500.000

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