we explain about Cameron Fous Net Worth
Cameron Fous Net Worth

Cameron Fous Net Worth

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we explain about Cameron Fous Net Worth
Cameron Fous Net Worth

Cameron Fous net worth estimated at million dollar.

He might not be a popular celebrity or high class politician, but in the world of stock trading, he is a name that will be impossible to ignore.

Fous is the owner and founder of FousAlerts.com and AlphaScans.com, websites that provide training and education on how to make it big on the stock market.

He majored in Finance in Oregon State University, so he was not really a stranger to the world of stock trading. However, he still started his stock trading career from the bottom and made his way up by trying various methods.

The methods he teaches to his students are based on his own experience, and since he has made himself an impressive net worth of a million dollar, it is safe to say that he definitely knows how to trade.

The Source of Cameron Fous Net Worth

Cameron Fous always wanted to become a stock broker, but the opportunity didn’t come until 2005 when he was a sophomore in college. Fous heard from her family member about stock pick of a biotech company that promised big profit.

At that time, his grandfather recently passed away and left a half million dollar of inheritance to his family. His family member used the money to buy the stock and he followed suit with $10,000. After that, the rest was history. From such a small amount, he managed to make $300,000.

He joined a stock trading education website where he learned the basics as well as gaining some fame for himself. This is where he got the inspiration to start his own stock trading education website as well.

at first he worked together with Tim Sykes, and after making $400,000 of profit in just a couple of years, Fous started gaining confidence to go solo and making a million dollar net worth by himself.

Quick Biography from Cameron Fous
NameCameron Fous
Date of BirthAugust 19, 1984
ProfessionStock trader, Trading guru
Net Worth$ (Million dollar)

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