Carmen and Corey Net Worth : How Rich Are The Youtubers in 2022 ? 



Carmen and corey net worth are some of the most-viewed creators on YouTube, with a channel of 4.03 million subscribers

Carmen and Corey upload mainly vlogs, challenges, pranks, and any other random entertaining content.

Carmen and corey net worth started their Youtube channel launched in 2016. 

Carmen was born on October 16, 1998.

Corey Pritchett Jr was born on May 31, 1998.

Carmen and corey net worth are both from Puerto Rico. Therefore, Carmen and Corey belong to the Hispanic race/ethnic group.

As of 2022, Carmen and Corey live in Atlanta. 

Carmen and corey got engaged back in October 2017 after dating for a year.

Carmen and corey got married in November 2016.

Carmen and Corey announced they were expecting a child together in 2018.

Carmen and corey named their baby CJ Pritchett.

Carmen and Corey’s net worth is estimated at $1.1 million.

Name  Carmen and Corey
Carmen Birth Date  October 16, 1998
Corey Birth Date  May 31, 1998
Carmen Birth Place  Puerto Rico
Corey Birth Place  Puerto Rico
Carmen’s age 23 years old
Corey’s age 23 years old 
Occupation Youtubers 
Status Married 
Net Worth  $1.1 million

Carmen and corey net worth

Carmen and Corey’s net worth is estimated at $1.1 million.

But again, this is only an estimation, Carmen and Corey’s net worth might truly be much higher than that.

On average, Carmen and Corey’s YouTube channel receives 2.82 million views a month, and around 93.95 thousand views a day.

Youtube channels earn an average of $3 to $7 for every one thousand video views. Using these estimates, we can estimate that Carmen and Corey earn $11.27 thousand a month, reaching $169.11 thousand a year.

Carmen and Corey’s channel has gained over 500 million views so far, with an average of 70,000 views per day.

These views generate an estimated revenue of around $500 per day from the ads that appear on the videos.

This generates an average yearly income of  $180,000 a year. 

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