Casey Anthony Net Worth: How Rich is The Mother in 2022?



Casey Anthony Net Worth.

Casey Anthony is an American suspected murderer.

Casey Anthony is famous for being the toddler Caylee Anthony‘s mother, who mysteriously disappeared and whose remains were later found.

Caylee was just two years old when she passed away.

The mother Casey Anthony was arrested on suspicion of the murder of her own child.

The public judgment agreed that Casey killed her own child yet Casey Anthony was eventually acquitted by a jury.

The public continues to shun her today.

Casey Anthony net worth is estimated at $10,000, as of 2022.


Casey Anthony Net Worth

Casey Anthony net worth is estimated at $10,000, as of 2022.

In January 2013, Casey filed for bankruptcy citing $800,000 in liabilities.

Casey Anthony listed around 80 creditors and reported zero income at the time.

Casey Anthony owed her criminal defense attorney Jose Baez, $500,000, making it her biggest debt. 

Casey Anthony also owed $145,000 to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and $70,000 to the IRS.


Early Life & Biography

Casey Anthony was born March 19, 1986 in Warren, Ohio.

During Casey’s childhood, Casey reportedly developed a pattern of lying.

Casey used to deceive her parents into thinking she was graduating from high school when she was really short of credits to graduate.

When she was 19, Casey hid her pregnancy (with Caylee) from her parents.

When Casey’s parent were aware of her pregnancy, Casey refused to reveal the identity of the father. 

Later, Casey pointed to several young men, including a fiancé who died in a car crash.

However, Casey kept the true identity of the father unknown.

Casey moved back in with her parents and she didn’t stop her compolsive lying.

Casey tried to convince her poarnets she had a job at Universal Studios.

On July 13, 2009, Casey’s parents, Cindy and George Anthony, discovered that Casey’s car trunk had a terrible smell.

A few days later, Casey told her parents that she left Caylee with a nanny.

Casey told her parents that the nanny disappeared with Caylee. 

A month later, Casey parents found that the nanny story was only lies.

Caylee’s disappearance was finally reported to the police after 31 days after the disappearance. 

The case had triggered an intense research. 

Casey was arrested after some pictures of Casey partying and getting a tattoo that read Bella Vita (beautiful life, in Italian) strated to circulate on the internet.

These pictures taken during the time Caylee was missing.

Casey was released and brought back in jail only after eight days. 

Casey second suspension was due her forging checks and using a friend’s credit card without authorization.

The prosecution prooved Casey a dishonest and an unfit mother.

But the presecution could not convince the jury that Casey was guilty of murdering Caylee.

Casey was acquitted in July, 2011.

This case’s trial brought about a slew of legislative bills in several states for Caylee’s Law.

Caylee’s Law is a low that would make it a felony for a parent or legal guardian not reporting a missing child within a certain period of time.

Casey Anthony net worth is estimated at $10,000, as of 2022.


Age, Height, and Weight

Full Name  Casey Anthony
Age  36 years old, as of 2022
Height  1.57 m tall
Weight  54 kg



There is not much known about the career of Casey Anthony. 

Casey Anthony net worth is estimated at $10,000, as of 2022.


Awards & Achievements

Casey Anthony trial has been one thrilling trip.

Casey Anthony was finally acquitted on 5 July 2011, after three years of grueling court appearances.

Casey Anthony has to pay for $217,000 fine at the end of her trial for misleading and wasting state resources during the investigation.

Casey Anthony net worth is estimated at $10,000, as of 2022.

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