Falynn Guobadia Net Worth : How Rich is Housewife of Atlanta in 2022 ? 



Falynn Guobadia net worth is a model and a reality TV celebrity. 

Falynn was born in Panama City, Florida, the second oldest of 10 kids.

Falynn Guobadia net worth became famous after making an appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta series 13.

Falynn made more fame with her drama with her ex-husband, Simon proposing to her friend Porsha Williams. 

Falynn Guobadia net worth poured oil into the fire by responding to the fans’ comments about the situation through a Clubhouse room. 

Falynn Guobadia’s net worth has been estimated to be $25 million.

Name Falynn Guobadia
Age 31 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Model
Married/Single Separated
Divorce Simon Guobadia
Net Worth $ 25 million

Falynn Guobadia Responds to Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia’s Engagement on Clubhouse

The news of Porsha Williams engaged to Simon Guobadia had the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans shocked. 

The shocking news took the fans by surprise because Simon is still technically married to co-star Falynn Guobadia, and Porsha Williams is friends with Falynn Guobadia. 

While Porsha was sharing her newfound happiness on her social media accounts, many fans have been wondering how Falynn must be feeling about the news. 

On May 11, 2021, Falynn stepped into a Clubhouse room to talk with fans who were gossiping about the situation.

Falynn, in a short statement, ensured fans that this situation is far from over.

Quoting Falynn, “Thank you guys for all of your support and the naysayers, it’s been very interesting, this situation is not over and more information will come out.”

The feud and drama between the trio are overwhelming but fans hope that Falynn is able to heal and move on with her life as Simon did. 

Despite Simon moving on to Porsha, he is still legally married to Falynn


The reason why fans and celebrities are not very fond of Porsha’s engagement with Simon is that Simon and Falynn are still legally married.

Simon and Falynn haven’t signed any divorce papers.

Falynn Guobadia net worth said on her Instagram that Simon filed for divorce from Falynn in January 2021.

As it turns out, Simon put the paperwork in February 2021. 

Fans started to comment about if it’s acceptable for a still married man or legally separated to date. 

Other fans said that you shouldn’t engage in another relationship until you’re completely free from your last partner. 

No matter how you see it, Falynn is willing to put her past behind her. 

Falynn’s proposal has gone viral but fans are confused and questioning if it’s real

Porsha has been the talk of the internet, from getting Simon’s proposal to her proposing to a mystery man. 

Fans have been left with even more questions. 

What confused the fans is the viral video of Falynn proposing to a mystery man in a bowling alley.

The mystery man is named London Gillespie. 

Social media gossip pages like The Shade Room and The Fly Guy DC Show shared the video on their pages. 

Falynn Guobadia net worth did not make any statement or comment regarding the video.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t let the situation slide without any explanation. 

Some fans assume the whole video was a publicity stunt, while other fans assume that the video was a promo for some project. 

Either way, the video has been mildly confusing and doesn’t make sense for Falynn to jump into a marriage.

While Simon has filed for divorce from Falynn, Simon and Falynn are still married to one another legally.

Falynn Guobadia net worth

Falynn Guobadia’s net worth has been estimated to be $25 million.

Falynn Guobadia net worth formerly had a joint net worth of $20 million with her ex-husband, Simon Guobadia. 

It isn’t known if  Simon and Falynn have arranged a divorce settlement yet, we do know that Simon filed the divorce papers.

Falynn Guobadia made most of her money through acting, modeling, and influencing.

Falynn Guobadia net worth promotes many brands, including the clothing brand Byne, Pretty Little Thing, and drinks company Drinkbiolyte.

In a Tweet, Falynn revealed that she makes some decent money from her own Petroleum company, which Falynn started before hitting 30 years old.

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