Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth
Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth

Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth

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Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth
Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth

Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth is around $151 million.

A water bottle seems like one of the most simple equipment known to men, but that is not necessarily the case with the famed Gobie Water Bottle.

Rusty Allen, as the inventor as well as the founder of Gobie h2o, has managed to come up with the first and most advanced water bottle. Equipped with a filter system.

Allen practically invented the only filtered water bottle which is not only unique, but is also packed with benefits.

We are not only talking about the health benefits here, because while the health benefits cannot be denied, there are also a myriad of different benefits that the average people are unaware of.

Yes, started with his realization that he had spent more money in bottled water than he had for gasoline, Allen decided it was time to cut down his spending – by making a huge investment. That seem counterintuitive at best, but expected to come from someone with 151-million net worth.

The source of Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth

In the beginning of his Gobie Water Bottle endeavour. His decision was also based on the ugly fact about plastic bottles. Made with plastic as its material, these bottles are un-recyclable and to make things worse.

There are approximately 50-million discarded plastic bottles in his country on a daily basis.

This alarming number can definitely be slowed down. And eventually stopped if people opt for filtered water bottle as opposed to plastic water bottles. With that in mind, Allen started his project and soon invented the Gobie Water Bottle.

Equipped with its own filter system. People with no access to clean water will be able to ditch bottled water. And opt for Gobie instead as it filters water and makes it drinkable.

Within the first few months of its first launch, the total sales reportedly hits 285,000-dollars and is still counting. No wonder Allen is crowned as one of the richest men with 151-million net worth.

Quick Biography from Rusty Allen
NameRusty Allen
FounderGobie h2o / Gobie Water Bottle
Net Worth$151 Million

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