Graham Nash Networth
Graham Nash Networth

Graham Nash Net Worth

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Graham Nash Networth
Graham Nash Networth

Graham Nash is a British-American singer and songwriter who are well-known for his works with outstanding lyrics. Born on February 2, 1942, Nash has dual citizenships; those are British and United States. Since the beginning of his appearance in music industry, music critics and audience appreciatedĀ his light tenor voice . During his lifetime career, Graham Nash net worth has a net worth of $20 millions in 2017. The number also makes him one of the richest musicians in this world.

The bands where he became the members also achieved numerous awards. Undeniably, this is what make the wealth of Nash is still growing even now. There are also some honorary doctorate degrees. New York Institute of Technology as well as Lasley University has given him, as their appreciation for his big contribution in the world of music from

The Sources of Graham Nash Net Worth

He indeed has numerous incomes from the sales of albums and concerts. Meanwhile, some contemporary artists in whom he must find any royalty also sang many of his works . Despite his career in music, Nash is also a professional photographer.

His voice indeed has an ability to attract people around the world to listen to his music. More than that, his creativity in writing songs becomes another plus point. Although he is now no longer a young entertainer, he is one of some musicians who have a lot of loyal fans. It is proven by the sold-out tickets every time he conducts nostalgia concerts with his bands English pop rock group the Hollies and folk-rock group Crosby, Stills & Nash.

An autobiographical memoir released in 2013 entitled Wild Tales: A Rock and Roll Life that also adds his money purse.

Graham Nash Quick Biography

NameGraham William Nash
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 1942
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Photographer
Networth$ 20 Million

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