Hideo Kojima Net Worth
Hideo Kojima Net Worth

Hideo Kojima Net Worth

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Hideo Kojima Net Worth
Hideo Kojima Net Worth

Do you know him? if you are a true gamer, then you might know this name well. Hideo Kojima is a Japanese video game designer.  Hideo Kojima net worth is around  $30 million. He is popularly known for game “Metal Gear”. He is the director of Kojima Production. Hideo Kojima also ever reached great position in Konami. He used to be a Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment.He left the Konami in  October 2015

Hideo Kojima was born on August 24, 1963 in Setagaya, Tokyo.  Since he was 13, he lost his father. And his childhood mostly spent as a latchkey kid. Kojima then decided to build a career in the video game industry. Of course, it was not easy to get a project. After several failures and rejection. Hideo finally found it in Konami’s MSX home computer division in 1986.

Due to his great talent. He successfully built Metal Gear series. Furthermore, he also produced the other series including Zone of the Enders, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Boktai. Many people even labeled him as one of the most influential and innovative video game directors and writers in the world.

After some breaks, in December 2015, Kojima announced his own independent studio. He built it with a conjunction alongside Sony Computer Entertainment.

The source of Kojima Hideo Net Worth

It was noted that most of his income was from his career as a game designer. Kojima Hideo Net Worth is a round USD 30 million. Thanks to Metal Gear series, and Castlevania that made him more popular. He even get significant income for his achievement. Even though he is no longer in a company that raise his name, Konami, he  is still deveoping games. Now he  is in his new project for new PS4 game, Death Stranding. Some reviews told that it could be a very good game as a debut of Kojima Production. The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus also took apart in in this game. Are you curious?

If it went successfully, then it will increase the amount of his income.

Quick Biography from Hideo Kojima
NameHideo Kojima
Date of BirthAugust, 24 1963
ProfessionGame Designer
NationalityJapan, Japanese
Net Worth$30 million

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