The Holderness Family : How Rich is The Youtuber Family in 2021 ? 



The Holderness Family net worth is an American Youtube personality.

The Holderness Family’s Youtube channel has over 5 million subscribers and 1 billion total views.

Since they joined Youtube in 2011, the Holderness Family makes video content of family-centered parodies, skits, and vlogs. 

The Holderness Family’s net worth is estimated at $65k. 

Early life and career

The Holderness Family net worth currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

They are famous for creating content online, especially their parody music videos for their Youtube channel. 

The Holderness Family net worth has multiple streams of income including other social media channels, podcasts, and a published book. 

The Holderness Family had written a book on issues faced by the communication gap in a marriage and how it can be resolved.

The Holderness Family net worth had come with their podcast as well as Holderness Family Podcast in 2018. 

Kim used to work for Inside Edition, as well as Kim used to have a small business making videos and running digital campaigns. Kim also used to work for real estate agents. 

While Penn Holderness used to work for ESPN. The couple had been successful in their chosen career paths. 

The Holderness Family hit the jackpot by succeeding on YouTube. 

The Holderness Family’s “XMAS Jammies,” a parody of Will Smith’s song “Miami,” made them quite famous and went viral. 

“XMAS Jammies” earned 15 million views in one week. 

After this overnight fame, The Holderness Family decided to focus on their Youtube channel full time.

The Holderness Family net worth started posting content on a regular basis and has many Youtube series. 

Like Halloween-themed video ‘Kin and Moose’, many skits and parodies on Covid situation, an ‘XMAS Jammies’ video every holiday, and many more videos have been uploaded by the family. 

The Holderness Family appeared on broadcast television like Fox and Friends, CNN, CBS This Morning, The Today Show, etc.  

The Holderness Family net worth built a successful career on Youtube, which has earned them the position in the top YouTuber’s net worth. 

The Holderness Family’s net worth is estimated at $65k.

Holderness Family salary, income, earnings

As of 2021, the Holderness Family net worth earns monthly around $8K.

The Holderness Family earns approximately $96K a year.

Each month, the channel The Holderness Family earns at least around 1.08 million views month with around 36k views.

That said, the Holderness Family net worth earns from Youtube around $4.32k a month, making the value $64.81 thousand a year.

Besides that, the Holderness Family income statistics show that the family makes income through products, sponsorships, and affiliate commissions for extra income.  

Holderness Family members

Holderness Family has four members. 

  • Father Penn
  • Mother Kim 
  • Daughter Lola 
  • Son Penn Charles 

Penn and Kim met in Orlando, Florida, in the early 2000s, when they were working for local TV stations in Orlando and began hanging out casually after work. 

Penn and Kim had similar interests, with Penn pursuing a career as a sports anchor and Kim as a news reporter. 

They fell in love and started dating. 

Later, the couple got married and moved to New York City. Kim worked for Inside Edition while Penn worked for ESPN.

The Holderness Family controversy

The Holderness Family’s Rap Videos that made them famous are becoming controversial.

Yes, it’s fun to make fun of our pain, or in The Holderness Family’s case, make fun of the Covid Pandemic. 

But almost two years after miss corona hit, people have started to find it annoying.

People have commented that the epidemic has reached critical mass and they should put an end to this type of video. 

Also, some people commented online that the family has been doing everything just for grabbing attention and making money. 

Holderness Family Net Worth

The Holderness Family’s net worth is estimated at $65k.

The Holderness Family built multiple streams of income and has diversified their many streams of revenue over the years.

The Holderness couple operates under a company called Holderness Family Productions, where Kim is Chief Executive Officer, and Penn is Chief Creative Officer.

They still continue their work with brands to help with marketing campaigns through consulting in addition to maintaining their own content creation.

The Holderness Family has two channels on YouTube, the main channel and the vlog channel.

The Holderness Family earns ad revenue for views, display ads, and sponsored videos.

The Holderness Family also has an Instagram account, where they do occasional sponsored posts.

The Holderness Family is also on TikTok, and they do sponsor posts that pay creators for ad revenue.

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