Jon Olsson Net Worth
Jon Olsson Net Worth

Jon Olsson Net Worth

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Jon Olsson Net Worth
Jon Olsson Net Worth

Jon Olsson is one of the richest skiers in his era. He had fallen in love with skiing since he was sixteen. And he had  hearts of the people. Jon Olsson net worth is around $ 8 millions. Jon Olsson was born in Mora, Sweden. He is a very popular professional freeskier and alpine ski racer. He often travels around the world and makes documentary of his life through YouTube vlogs for his fans.

You must know that he had created some special moves in skiing. Those included a DJ flip, a switch double rodeo 1080 known as a hexo flip, the tornado, and a kangaroo flip.

As a professional, Olsson has collected nine Winter X-Games medals and he won several events including big air at The US Free Skiing Open in Vail, The Red Bull Big Air, and the World Superpipe Championships. Due to his excellent performance an skill, he received a great advantage. Of course it increased the amount of his income.

The source of Jon Olsson Net Worth

Most of his income was from the activities and competitions that he joined. Currently, Jon Olsson was noted having net worth of $8 million dollars in 2017. Of course, it’s the biggest income. And he also got more benefits from other sources. As you know that in this era, internet can become a very big source of money. Jon Olsson had it as well. His channel on YouTube currently having over 600,000 subscribers. It could increase more. You can imagine how much the income he could get from his vlogs.Furthermore, he had endorsed some brands and companies. He often promoted some recommended gear for traveler and skiing. One of the biggest is Douchebags

Talking about how he spent some money, he had owned handful of palatial houses in Marbella, and in Monaco. Besides, He also owns luxurious Audi RS6, a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Lamborghini Huracan with a VT10 engine, etc.

Jon Olsson showed us that the hobby can be a profitable job.He could earn million dollars by doing his hobbies. He should be a very inspiring person for you.

Quick Biography from Jon Olsson Net Worth
NameJon Olsson
Date of BirthAugust 17, 1982
ProfessionFree skier, skiing racer, athlete
Net Worth$8 million

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