lil pump net worth
lil pump net worth

Lil Pump Net Worth

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lil pump net worth
lil pump net worth

Lil Pump is a young American rapper. But even so, it doesn’t mean that he is lack of talent in rapping. Born on August 17, 2000, Lil Pump is best known for his song Gucci Gang. Don’t you know? when he was ninth grade, the school kicked him out for a fight. Lil Pump than tried to focus to become a rapper. In 2016, his young career started. In 2017, Some sources noted that Lil Pump net worth reached $150.000. Surely he could get more sooner or later.

This young starlet might be pleased to live in this era. As you know that the current technology is much faster and advanced. Some sources told that Lil Pum spent some times to learn and practice by watching YouTube. and SoundCloud. From the YouTube, some people may have bigger luck to become popular. Of course you still need mentality in front of your cam. Lil Pump must be grateful and happy. He has a promising talent that can make the people love him.

The Source of Lil Pump Net Worth

Lil Pump’s YouTube channel currently has over more than 3.6 million subscribers. And the song Gucci Gang has been watched 370 million times in just 2 months. It’s shocking. You can imagine how much money he could earn just from his channel in YouTube.

Thanks to this current technology. His talent can be found easily. Unlike the old times, where most of the musician needed to face the real days. They needed to sell many copies of album if they wanted to get money. And to become a world stars, it would be a tough ways,

Talking about how he spent his money, the 17 years old rapper owned a luxurious yellow Porsche and a home in Miami as well. Al his project ran well so far. Many people and fans are waiting how he grows in the future. If he keeps on track, he could get more than what he deserves.

Quick Biography from Lil Pump
NameGazzy Garcia aka Lil Pump
Date of Birthborn August 17, 2000
ProfessionRapper, Youtube star
Net Worth$150,000

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