Mike Esterman Net Worth: How Rich is The Agent in 2022?



Mike Esterman Net Worth,Mike Esterman is an American entrepreneur and celebrity manager. 

Mike Esterman is the winner of Date Wendy on The Wendy Williams Show.

Mike is the CEO of a celebrity book agency,

Mike Esterman became famous because of dating Wendy Williams.

Mike Esterman net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, as of 2022. 


Mike Esterman’s Girlfriend- Wendy Williams

Mike Esternman is dating media personality, Wendy Williams.

Mike first met Wendy on her show “The Wendy Williams Show”.

In February 2021, Mike Esternman was the winner of The Dating game called Date Wendy. 

Wendy Williams started rumors after she posted a photo on Instagram where she was getting cozy with Mike Esterman.

On the post, Wendy’s caption stated that Mike was a real gentleman and that the two had fun together. 

Wendy and Mike were also spotted leaving the CORE CLUB based in New York.

Mike’s romance with Wendy had ended by May 2021.

Mike Esternman opened up about the breakup, he admitted that Wendy needed someone who had more time.

Mike Esterman net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, as of 2022. 


Mike Esterman Career and Education

Mike Esterman was born in his hometown of Rockville, Maryland. 

Mike Esterman’s father, Bernard, was like every other parent, played an important role in raising children.

Mike Esterman was very fond of his dad, as evidenced by his social media posts of Mike. 

Growing up, Mike attended Paint Branch High School and graduated in 2013.

Mike Esterman also attended Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda.

While in his sophomore year of high school, Mike Esterman started a full-time limousine company called Arrive in Style.

Mike Esterman began the business with the assistance of his father, who loaned him his 1934 Rolls Royce.

On his Instagram account, Mike shared a photo of himself in the office from 1984 to November 2020.

On February 21, Mike Esterman shared another photo with Rolls Royce. 

Aside from work, Mike Esterman was a regular dancer at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre.

Mike Esterman was always interested in the entertainment industry, so he decided to pursue a career.

Mike decided to start a celebrity booking business with the associations and networking he developed while working closely with several celebrities in music, movies, and other fields.

Mike Esterman founded the company in 1999 and has devoted his time and attention to its development since then.

Mike Esterman founded the website, which aided in the online booking process.

Brian David Suder, the founder of The Suder Company, named Mike Esterman the #1 Ranked Celebrity Manager in the World.

Throughout his career, Mike got the chance to make the acquaintance of Mario Lopez, Alex Trebek, Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, Megan Trainor, Dwayne Johnson, Ed Sheeran, and many more.

Mike Esterman net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, as of 2022. 


Mike Esterman’s Children, Ex-Wife, and Divorce

Mike Esterman must have been married at least once as a man in his mid-fifties in 2021.

Mike Esterman never shared any information about being married, his ex-wife, or potential children.

Mike Esterman never shared information about his previous relationships, marriage, or children is hidden on his social media.

Even his sparkling rumors with Wendy Williams didn’t lead to a relationship. 

Wendy married Kevin Hunter in 1997 and they were married until 2019.

Kevin Jr., the couple’s son, fathered a child with Sharina Hudson. 


Mike Esterman Net Worth

Mike Esterman’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, as of 2022. 

Mike Esterman has collected a huge sum from his entrepreneurial work and celebrity booking business. 


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