This article about Milton Berle Net Worth
Milton Berle Net Worth

Milton Berle Net Worth

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This article about Milton Berle Net Worth
Milton Berle Net Worth

Milton Berle is a very famous actor and comedian. He is one of the most popular people ever appeared in the television, and as a matter of fact, his name is almost synonymous with the word television itself. He was people’s favorite during TV’s golden age and his funny yet charismatic character earned him nicknames such as “Mr. Television” and “Uncle Miltie”. By the time of his death, Milton Berle Net Worth estimated at $ 2 million.

He was born on July 12, 1908 with Mendel Berlinger as his birth name. He passed away in the ripe age of 93 on March 27, 2002 due to colon cancer.

The Source of Milton Berle Net Worth

Berle started his career at the young age of 12 where he made his stage debut in Florodora musical comedy. From that time on, he started to gain fame in Broadway comedy as well as being a popular stand-up comedian in Vaudeville.

His charm and wittiness brought him even further until he landed various radio show jobs since 1934. In 1948, he began his TV career with his first hit TV show, The Texaco Star Theatre that gained top rating during its one year airing. His show dominated the respective time slot and even gained him an Emmy. In 1951, he signed a million dollar contract with NBC that set his name as the most popular TV personality. Berle was such an iconic person that he still got plenty of roles despite having passed his golden era. His last acting role was in 2000 when he guest-starred in Kenan & Kel.

In a certain phase of his life, it is said that Milton Berle managed to reach an exceptional net worth of $11 million. However, his exorbitant lifestyle put a toll on his finance. Mr. Television was notorious to have extreme gambling habit.

Quick Biography from Milton Berle

NameMilton Berle / Uncle Miltie
Date of Birth1955
ProfessionActor and Comedian
Net Worth$ 2 million

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