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Randall Pich Net Worth estimated at $ 8 million/year.

Many Instagram users perhaps already know about RP Fitness and Live Fit Apparel. This successful business, surprisingly owned by young entrepreneur, namely Randall Pich.

Who knows that, behind his successful story, this young man had quite had childhood time since he need to experience living in the middle of poverty and gang wars in 1980s. His parents who arrived in America after the genocide, made them lived a poor life.

This became a beginning step for Randall to stand up to braking the stereotype of “hard-life” second generation Cambodian in America. In the last two years, he is building his business kingdom with his active wear brand called “Live Fit Apparel”. Even the last month his net worth increased significantly and reached quarter million dollars through his business expansion overseas.

Rendal clothing experience to prepare his own famous Live Fit brand began when he was thirteen or fourteen years old. At that time, he joined a band and did some tours. Joining a band allows him to make some efforts so that the band get money and it was done by making merchandise for their fans.

Since the merchandise consisting t-shirt, hats, and other types of apparel has gotten great success, he then started to make his own brand in the age of 15.

The source of Randall Pich Net Worth

Making a clothing line in his own is not an easy thing to do. It became even worse when he decided to leave his school and more focused on his new business. Although it seems to be very hard to pass, Rendal has prepared everything. And he had clear plan and great feeling on how the Live Fit brand should work.

With his great efforts, he actually succeeded to make Live Fit, a famous clothing brand in the world which gave him 8-million-dollar net worth every year.

Quick Biography from Randall Pich
NameRandall Pich
Date of BirthFebruary 7th, 1988
Net Worth$ 8 million/year

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