Raphy Pina Net Worth: How Rich is The Businessman in 2022?



Raphy Pina Net Worth. Raphy Pina is an American business executive. 

Raphy Pina is best known as a founder of a reggaeton record label, Pina Records.

Raphy has managed a few big names like Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Don Omar, Plan B, R. K. M. & Ken-Y, and Natti Natasha. 

Raphy Pina net worth  is estimated of $10 million, as of 2022.


Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves – Early Life

Billboard Raphy Pina was born on July 4, 1978, in Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, life was not always easy for Raphy.

His family struggled to put food on the table, as the economy at the time was very bad.

This also forced Raphy to work several manual labor jobs from a very young age.

However, Raphy accredits this struggle with his strength and perseverance today!

When he was around twelve years old, his father began his own music company in Puerto Rico.

Within due time, the company signed a ton of local artists and become a popular name in Isla del Encanto.

Around the time he turned twenty-one, Raphy and his family set their eyes on moving to the United States.

They specifically wanted to live in New York, where the Puerto Rican population was particularly high.

In moving to the states, Raphy and his family could live a much better life.

Raphy Pina has a net worth of $10 million, as of 2022.


Raphy Pina Height and Weight 

Name  Raphy Pina
Height  5’9 inches or 1.78 m 
Weight  70 kg or 154 lbs 



Raphy Pina Biography

Real name  Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves
Date of birth  4 July 1978
Birthplace  Puerto Rico
Age  44 years, as of 2022
Nationality  Puerto Rican
Hometown  Isla del Encanto
Profession  Music Producer
Raphy Pina Net Worth $10 million, as of 2022


Raphy Pina Net Worth & Career

Raphy Pina has a net worth of $10 million, as of 2022.

Raphy established his own recording business, which he called Pina Records Label, in 1996 and began releasing music in 1997.

During the same year, he established his own design firm.

In 1997, he began working on his first project, which was the production of Don Chezina’s first album Bien Guillao de Gangster, which was released in 1997.

Since his initial piece of work, he hasn’t looked back and has gone on to catapult the new music star’s song to the top of the charts.

To date, he has recruited a slew of well-known artists to his record company and assisted them in launching their respective careers.

In 2001, the label signed the well-known Puerto Rican artist Daddy Yankee to a management contract.


Raphy’s Career in the Music Industry


Raphy founded his own record label, Pina Records Label, in 1996.

He opened his own workshop the next year. After a year, in 1997, he worked on his first song, producing the debut album of singer Don Chezina, Bien Guillao de Gangster.

He never looked back after his first job and went on to launch the new music star’s song via his record level.

To date, he has signed several well-known singers to his label and assisted them in launching their careers.

Daddy Yankee, a well-known Puerto Rican artist, was managed by the label in 2001.

The record label mostly focuses on reggaeton and trap rap. R. K. M & Ken-Y and Natti Natasha are two of the label’s current big names.

Raphy has also been involved in a few squabbles.

In 2012, he was indicted for the first time in a case involving bribery and money laundering.

After four years, he was sentenced to prison in 2016 after being found guilty in the conspiracy case of embezzling $4.1 million from Doral Bank.

Raphy Pina  net worth is estimated  of $10 million, as of 2022.


Who is Raphy Pina Girlfriend?

Raphy is currently dating singer Natti Natasha.

The love story between them evolved after Natti was signed with Pina Records in 2016.

The speculation of Pina getting engaged to his long-time girlfriend Natti is going strong now.

Raphy posted a picture on Instagram a week ago, which gives a hint of both getting engaged soon.

In a photo, the couple was seen holding hands, and Natti has a ring on her hand.

The love bird is also expecting their first child soon.

Prior to being in relation with Natti, Raphy was married to Carolina Aristizabal.

His ex-wife was a partner in the record company for many years.

Raphy has officially ended his relationship with Carolina with a divorce in mid-2019.

He has three children from his first marriage.

Raphy Pina  net worth of $10 million, as of 2022.


Natti Natasha & Raphy’s Relationship and Net Worth

Raphy is reportedly dating Natti Natasha, a musician.

After Natti signed with Pina Records in 2016, their love story grew.

The rumor that Pina is engaged to his long-term girlfriend Natti is still going high.

Raphy posted a photo on Instagram about a week ago that hinted at both of them getting engaged soon.

The pair were photographed holding hands, and Natti was wearing a ring on her left hand.

The couple has a child together.

Raphy was previously married to Carolina Aristizabal before his relationship with Natti.

For several years, his ex-wife was a partner in the record label.

Raphy divorced Carolina in mid-2019, formally ending their relationship.

From his first marriage, he has three children.

Raphy Pina net worth of $10 million, as of 2022.


Raphy Pina Net Worth

Raphy Pina has a net worth of $10 million, as of 2022.

As the CEO of Pina Records, it is no surprise he was able to amass this net worth.

A majority of his earnings came from his massive Latin trap production company, multiple gasoline stations, car and truck dealership earnings, and much more.

Raphy Pina has undoubtedly earned a huge sum from running a successful record company.

Pina has two big houses, one in Miami and the other in Puerto Rico.

In addition to that, he also owns a private plane and has a different collection of expensive cars.

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