Ravi Zacharias Net Worth
Ravi Zacharias Net Worth

Ravi Zacharias Net Worth

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Ravi Zacharias Net Worth
Ravi Zacharias Net Worth

Ravi Zacharias Net Worth – Some people probably are still unfamiliar when hearing about Ravi Zacharias. However, he is known to be an author of many popular Christian books no to mention the bestseller one entitled “Light in the Shadow of Jihad”.

Besides renowned to be a Christian apologist, he also became the founder and chief of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. His deep knowledge about traditional evangelicalism made him held a seminar about this topic back then in 1981 to 1984.

He was born in, India on March 26th, 1946, from a Madras mother and Kerala father. Even though these days he became one of the most influential Christians, during his childhood he was raised in Anglican environment and declared his atheism until he reached 17 years old.

Then, he tried to suicide himself by drinking poison but then a moment happened in the hospital suddenly changed his life. It was a verse in the Bible which actually changed them. After this incident, he and his family moved into Canada to get undergraduate degree as well as start new life which might give him a great net worth. He might never get any doctoral degrees but he already receives a number of honorary doctoral degrees.

The Source of Ravi Zacharias Net Worth

His move to Canada perhaps becomes the beginning of his success. In 1983, he gave speak in the evangelist conference held on Amsterdam. Then, he did the same in India. In 1984, precisely on August, he established Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in Toronto. He did it to fulfill the needs of many people in classical evangelist.

You can find the headquarters of these Ministries in many big cities in the world. So people can get what they actually need about evangelist. His success as chief and author automatically increase his net worth too. These make him truly popular particularly among Christians.

Quick Biography from Ravi Zachariast

NameRavi Zacharias
Date of BirthMarch 26th, 1946
ProfessionChristian apologist / Author
Net Worth$ -

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