Stu Feiner Net Worth : How Rich is The Sports Handicapper in 2021 ? 



Stu Feiner net worth is an American sports handicapper. Stu is a Sports Advisor at and has been accurate in his expertise to handle money for years now, since 1982!

He’s one of the most successful gambling minds on this planet as he knows how best to represent clients with winning percentages that will make anyone green with envy (or not).

Stu Feiner net worth has been around for 30 years and has made a huge impact on the industry, so it’s time to explore what his net worth is. 

Stu Feiner Wife, Married Life, Children

Stu is the perfect husband if we are to ask his wife. Stu has been married for over 30 years now with his wife Sandra Feiner.  Stu’s wife, Sandra M. Feiner is 59 years old and was born on June 10th, 1961. 

The couple’s love story on 12th March 1978. The couple got married on the same date when they met, one decade later,  on 12th March 1988. 

They were both 16-years old at this time and it only took one meeting for them to fall head over heels with each other! The first person to say that Sandy was a keeper for life was Stu’s mom. She would always tell him “Sandy is so beautiful and kind, don’t ever lose her.”

This adorable pair have been married for 33 years and is still going strong! From their blissful conjugal life, they’re parents of four children- all sons. Stu Feiner’s advice for a healthy and happy relationship is simple: “Treat your lover like gold!”

Stu Feiner net worth Wiki Bio Facts

Stu Feiner net worth is a sports handicapper. He’s an innovator, and pioneer in the industry with accuracy unmatched by anyone else through which he has earned his title “the source”.

As of 2021, Stu’s net worth will be estimated at $12.5 million dollars. 

Full Name Stu Feiner
Birth Date January 31, 1961
Birth Place Long Island New York
Profession Sports handicapper
Wife Sandra M. Feiner
Net Worth $12.5 million

Stu Feiner Personal Life

The son of a military man, Stu Feiner net worth was born on January 31st in Long Island New York. He described his father as a “world’s toughest veteran” who served in an army, twice. His dad, Howard turned 84 on February 11, 2021. 

In 2002, Feiner lost his mother to breast cancer complications. Stu Feiner net worth had a brother named Les Barry Feiner. Les Barry passed away in 2006 due to substance causes. For Stu’s education, Feiner has studied at the Farmingdale High School from 1976 to 1979. 

In 1980, Stu Feiner net worth joined Nassau Community College where he earned an Associate’s degree in Business 1983. Stu is a sports handicapping legend. Stu is a renowned player in the sports handicapping industry before the internet era.

He has been actively involved with gambling since 1982, and it’s proven to be lucrative for him as well! He has been active in the industry for over 30 years and hosted his own syndicated TV show “Sports Advisors”.

The show was about gambling, which became one of America’s most profitable financial markets! So how much is Stu Feiner’s net worth? 

Stu Feiner Age, Birthday, Family

Stu Feiner net worth is a native New Yorker who was born to his father and late mother in 1961. He also celebrates his birthday on January 31st every year, which makes him 60 years old today! Stu describes his father, Howard, as a tough veteran who served in Germany twice.

Stu shares a special bond with his dad. Stu’s dad celebrated his 84th birthday on February 11th, 2021. Feiner’s mother, on the other hand, isn’t present among us now. Mrs. Feiner passed away due to breast cancer complications when Stu was just 14 years old in 2002. 

His mother’s death isn’t the only loss Stu has faced in his life. His only brother, Les Barry Feiner died due to substance abuse in 2006. But despite his losses, Stu Feiner’s net worth is $12.5 million.  

Stu Feiner Net Worth

As of 2021, Stu Feiner’s net worth in total is $12.5 Million. Stu’s net worth comes from his job as a sports advising. Stu started working as an advisor for sports 39 years ago in 1988, with an Associate’s degree in business from Nassau Community College. 

In 1997, Feiner already had a $16 million sports handicapping business that employed 200 people. But the Internet put him out of business in later years. And while his financial success might have decreased slightly at first glance, Stu’s enthusiasm towards this work has never waned; he still loves it as much now as he did back then!

He also owns a massive property in Farmingdale. Stu has built 11 houses in his Farmingdale property’s backyard for his growing family.  Stu named one court after Sean Michael, his oldest son. 

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