The Professor Basketball Net Worth : How Rich is The Professor in 2021 ? 



The Professor Basketball net worth is known as a basketball player but he is also a very popular actor.

His acting career started at the age of twenty-six after he had already become a millionaire.

The Professor’s net worth is $3 million.

He played the lead role in the television series “The Professor” which aired on ABC from 2001 to 2002.

The show was about a professor who taught college students how to play basketball. It received mixed reviews from critics but it became a hit among the audience.

Body measurements and Looks

Full Name Grayson Scott Boucher
Date Of Birth June 10, 1984
Age  36 
Place Of Birth Keizer, Oregon, United States
Weight 155 lb or 70 kg
Height 5ft 10in
Profession Basketball Player
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth $3 million
Star Sign Aries

The Professor Basketball net worth Grayson “The Professor Basketball net worth” Scott Boucher was born on June 10, 1984.

He spent his childhood at Oregon’s beautiful hometown of Keizer where he went to McNary High School before transferring to private Salem Academy for one last year. There he made all-state honors!

There were no college offers presented so this talented player started off down a new path by attending Chemeketa Community College in Salem – which lead him straight onto their basketball team as well!

When he was just twelve years old, Grayson began playing streetball.

He made his first million-dollar deal while still in high school when drafted into the NBA where they selected him with their first-round pick – 1st overall!

Not only is this guy good on the court but off too.

Grayson is also an all-around strongman. He has won the world championships in 2021.

The Professor Basketball net worth has been an integral part of Los Angeles Lakers championship teams since they were formed, winning 3 out of 4 championships with them including 2 as All-Star representations!  

The majority us his net worth comes from being this athlete which shows how passionate he really loves what he does for work.

The Professor Basketball net worth is more than just a neighborhood basketball coach.

He’s also an actor, director, and producer; he has used his entire life to make others laugh on-screen with Semi-Pro or Ball Don’t Lie movies.

It all helped increase net worth which garners lots of respect in return!

The professor basketball net worth

The Professor net worth is $3 million. 

Grayson Boucher popularly known as The Professor Basketball net worth is an American streetball player and actor.

He is not only known for his participation in the AND1 Mixtape Tour but also movies like Ball Don’t Lie and Semi-Pro.

He travels around to different parts of the world spreading Christianity through basketball while giving locals tutorials on some insane moves he knows, including a no-look pass that can be executed at any time without warning!

The channel has over 5 million subscribers and already accumulated 950 million views. It generates an estimated revenue of around $2,000 per day from ads that appear on the videos. 

After suffering a career-threatening injury in April 2019, Boucher suffered from a non-contact total tear of the Achilles tendon.

At the early stages of recovery, Boucher took an overdosage of painkillers but made a full recovery in June 2020.

He secretly shared his old and undated mixtapes while he rehabilitated to the microphone after fully regaining consciousness (he didn’t want anyone else knowing about this until it was completely healed).

Afterward, when everyone finally found out that the sportsperson had torn their Achilles tendon; they were not surprised at all because they knew how roughly this man worked!

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