Vanossgaming Net Worth
Vanossgaming Net Worth

Vanossgaming Net Worth

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Vanossgaming Net Worth
Vanossgaming Net Worth

Talking about Vanossgaming, you might know it well if you are a gamer and youtube lovers. It is a YouTube channel made by a Canadian Youtube star, Evan Fong. He is very popular for his interesting gaming video commentary  in youtube. This YouTube channel has nearly 22 million subscribers, with a total of more than 8 billion views over the years. He is one of the most popular Youtube stars in the world. Evan Fong of Vanossgaming Net Worth is around $15 million dollars

Evan Fong  is still young. He was born on 1992 in Canada. There’s interesting fact about this rich young man. Fong used to study in Richmond high school. He even got scholarship to joined the University of Pennsylvanian. When he was in second-year at the university, He decided to focus on gaming video and left his university..

In 2015, He signed with Jetpack  and released a new logo for his gaming brand. He and other YouTuber develop “Dead Realm game”. While in 2016, Fong, Adam Montaya and Scott Robinson got role to star on a computer-animated series; Paranormal Action.


The source of Evan Fong Vanossgaming Net Worth of Vanossgaming

Surely, most of his income came from his channel YouTube. You can imagine how much he could get from his channel. As you know that 22 millions subscribers with 7 millions views for each video. He could reach a lot of money from this internet activity. This should be reasonable that he could reach 15 million dollars.It could reached more subscribers and money in the near future.

Some source told that Fong could earn $13 thousand per day from YouTube. Some others of his income was from endorsement, selling merchandise to the fans. Many fans and people love him. Due to his popularity, he could even reach more achievement soon. The fans can’t wait for his new project. Let’s see

Quick Biography from Evan Fong Vanossgaming Net Worth
NameVanossgaming aka Evan Fong
Date of BirthMei 31, 1992
ProfessionYoutube star
Net Worth$15 million


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